Recycled Tetra Pak Cardholder

  1. First there was juice, then there are your essentials.
  2. 一粒啪鈕,令飲品盒從此不一樣。享用飲品過後,餘下的盒子不一定要送去堆填區,花少少心思就可以令它有新的用途。當你選擇一個再生包,你正在為堆填區減少一件垃圾。
  3. - 尺寸 : 60 x 100mm
  4. - 隨機發貨
  5. A snap button is all it takes to give a juice box a second life. After it quenches your thirst, the tetra pak box should not go to the landfill. When you choose a recycled tetra pak purse, you are saving 1 piece of trash from the landfill.

-Size : 60 x 100MM

Ready for dispatch

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